What to Expect With Your Cleaning Estimate

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Your appointment is set!

Your appointment for a free, no-obligation cleaning estimate is set. Great!

At the scheduled time, a Help Me Rhonda No Time Cleaning Services representative will arrive in v
While in your home or business, we will work with you to create a customized plan, discuss cost and establish mutual expectations for satisfaction.

During the estimate, we will take time to accurately estimate your cleaning needs.


We offer a great deal of flexibility and this meeting is a great opportunity to discuss:

  • Areas you’d like to receive special attention
  • Rooms you would like to have emphasized or de-emphasized
  • Special projects you’d like to have tackled, like refrigerator or oven cleaning
  • What you liked and did not like about any cleaning services you’ve used in the past

Cleaning frequency and your preferred day of service

Weekly or every other week services are our customers’ most popular cleaning schedule. We’re also happy to provide less-frequent cleanings to suit your needs: once every three weeks, monthly, and one-time cleanings for special events or moving in/moving out. The frequency you choose is dependent on your life style and or budget. We will provide you with options so you can choose what works best for you.

We look forward to working with you

At the end of the estimating session, the No Time Cleaning Services representative will schedule your first cleaning appointment. With No Time Cleaning Services, you will never be asked to sign a contract. With our highly trained cleaning professionals supported by our strict quality control system, we aim to earn your trust at every visit.

We look forward to working with you directly to create cleaning plan options that meet your needs and match your budget.

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